What was the most addictive game you've played?

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Every one of us had at least one game that he couldn't stop playing. In my case, it was DotA (and some others, like Mu Online). I was sleeping less than 5 hours/night so I had enough time to play
Well, those days are over. So what was the most addictive game you've played and how many hours/day did you play?
I honestly can't get into DotA, though I can see how it's addicting and considering how long each game is.

Although I prefer not to admit it, for me the most addicting game was Maple Story. Maybe I was just too young with a ton of free time, but I probably played everyday, spending 2~7 hours grinding to the point where it was pretty much more a job than enjoyment. MMOs are pretty addicting in general, aren't they?


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RedBeanBun, I was the same way! Haha. In elementary school, MapleStory was the most addictive game in the world to me. Although, regardless, the Pokemon games have and always will be the most addictive games I ever play! I play day and night, non-stop. Although, DoTA isn't really my style of game play. MMOs are indeed pretty addicting in general if there are enough objectives to complete that aren't too redundant. Otherwise, grinding for EXP points or completing quests that seem all-too-similar can become very boring, very quickly.
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It's very hard to gauge which game is the most addicting for me. I've played a lot of addictive games like the NBA 2K series and Tekken and Super Smash Bros. If I'd have to choose one, I'd have to say that Tekken is probably the most addictive of the bunch. I play Tekken in my home consoles and at the arcades. It's fun to master the different moves and combos of the numerous characters in the game.

I've played a lot of DotA in the past too but it doesn't call out to me like Tekken does.


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Most addictive game I've ever played is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was so much fun playing with my siblings and I can't wait to play the new one.


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For me it would have to be Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I spent a whole summer vacation playing that game probably 10-14 hours a day. It was just incredibly immersive and interesting and there were always a thousand more things to do. Looking back on it now I must say I don't think I regret a single second that I spent playing it. :)

The Harvest Moon games also manage to hook me big time whenever I get a new one.


I have a bad habit of getting immersed into every game I play for hours on end with only brief stops for life functions in the past. :p

Games such as Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, L4D, Civilization V etc took up a lot of my time.

But I think the game which I've put in the most hours so far would be League of Legends. Hahaha


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When i was a kid i played pokemon all day every day. I used to sneak my Nintendo to bed so i could continue playing. Nowadays i play league of legends all day. and im also trying to get into the new tropico 5


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I'm gonna have to say World of Warcraft. But for me it wasn't only the game itself that kept me playing, as much as the people I played it with.

I suspect I wouldn't of played for 7 long years if I wasn't part of some community or another. So much so, that when all my friends quit the game I had almost nothing else to play it for.


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Oh man, the most addictive game I've played is The Sims lol. I'm very much looking forward to the new one coming out in September! Besides that, I think I was also ridiculously addicted to Dragon Age Origins. I think I played through all of the possible stories except for the Dwarf, and I played them all to the end. I never played the 2nd one and am hesitantly optimistic about the new one coming out.


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I have been playing Super Hexagon, I managed to last 270 seconds in the first level, this game was created to be addictive, it's an insane game that needs a lot of time to learn how to play it properly.... :p


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World of Warcraft. It's been chipping my life away one little piece at the time. Even after "quitting", im still finding myself downloading it back again or downloading some private servers.

Thing is, whenever I redownload it, I delete it in 20 minutes - it just ain't fun anymore, but a part of my mind wants me to go back to when it was fun.


Every one of us had at least one game that he couldn't stop playing. In my case, it was DotA (and some others, like Mu Online). I was sleeping less than 5 hours/night so I had enough time to play
Well, those days are over. So what was the most addictive game you've played and how many hours/day did you play?
I don't know if I could pick one game, but GTA vice city was probably the most additive game I've play. At the time of the original release there was really nothing like it. I would spend hours on this game.


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Counter Strike:Global Offensive. I just started playing this game 2 months ago and it's really fun. Especially collecting skins for the guns.


Socom 2. Socom was the first playstation 2 online action game (it was a third-person shooter) and I would play it til 5 in the morning regularly. Still more fun than any COD game I've played since.


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The most addictive game I have ever played was Civilization V: brave New World. I have never, in my entire life, played a strategy game as good as this game. This game just allows you to feel ultimate power and to live history, the history we all studied but never got to live, through the eyes of famous leaders. This game allows you to establish the basics for a successful nation from the scratch, build wonders, create cities and raze other players' cities, advance in technologies and time, defend your empire against enemies, make allies and enemies, establish trade routes and plant the seed of your civilization's culture that would soon grow and produce for you great artists, musicians, writers and engineers. Every time I play a game of Civ, I loose track of time and 5 hours would pass by like 5 minutes, but I can never stop playing easily. This game is just very fun and challenging to play that it is very addictive!


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For it's Minecraft.
I've played enough Minecraft to fill a swimming pool, if you could fill a swimming pool with an abstract concept. It took nearly 5 years for me to begin getting bored of it, and I simply started playing with mods. Finding new mods, and mastering them is fun. Hopefully they add the modding API soon so it will be even easier to mod it. What makes it all even better is that I have friends who also play it. I love that it's super easy to set up a LAN game.
My friends and I have conquered many modpack together, and I'm looking forward to conquering many more with me.
Every Pokemon game that they have ever made that I have played has always been super addicting to me. I've played for multiple hours straight in a day for days!


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Most addicting game huh? I'd have to say Banished. It's a little town building game but if you dare leave it alone for 10 minutes your town practically dies. o_O It's not the most beautiful and has no story or quests but when I start playing I can't seem to tear myself away from it. I spent way more time playing MMORPG's like TERA, but at least I can stop playing to study for a test... with Banished I forget that time exists.


I think the most addictive game for me was Warrior of Rome for the Sega Genesis. It was the first reat turn based strategy game I had played. It had crude graphics but the game play and strategy involved to progress further in the game got me hooked instantly. I loved it. Since that game I was on a quest to find and play all the strategy games I could get my hands on. I found a few on the Genesis and Saturn. Eventually I moved to the PC for this type of genre.