[Want!]Magiking or Titan Megazord


I posted this, I believe, in the wrong place. So I thought I'd make a thread.

I'm looking for either a DX Magiking, or a DX Titan Megazord. I am willing to pay anywhere between 30-50, and I currently only have access to Money Orders.

Hit me with a PM if you're selling.



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$50 Bucks for a DX MagiKing is kinda low considering i paid around $80 when it came out a couple of years ago. It is used though so I may be willing to part. Will get back to you.
I've got a Titan Megazord I'd be willing to part with right now for $50 (since it has a little sentimental value, but I need some cash). Complete sans instructions with box (if I can find it in the garage). From a smoking home, though, let me know.
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I spoke with the guy I was buying from, I got ahold of him again. Right now I'm gonna be buying his for pretty cheap, but for whatever reason, if it doesnt work out, I'll still be looking.

Thanks for everyone who helped.

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I know it's two years old but are you still interested in a magiking. My mom said I have to sell my stuff so that i'm bringing income IN instead of buying stuff and selling things to recuperate losses