Visit The House On Rodeo Gulch If You Dare

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Visit The House On Rodeo Gulch If You Dare

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This sounds interesting. I love the different, Hitchcock focus they're giving to this movie. I'm tired of the same ghost movie with the same ending. The genre needs something fresh. It's full of stereotypes


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Well, I think the movie will be awesome and I am tired of the horror and thriller movies these days because they are not scary and not thrilling as well. A big thank you for the director to make an awesome film like this and keeping us interesting.


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The minister looks pretty creepy in this movie and the house has a lot of paranormal activity going on in it but it probably has something to do with the minister I bet, that lives next door to them. I read some of the reviews about this movie and they were not to crazy about it-but I would not mind watching it.

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