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In the world of Transformers, things are pretty simple: Autobots good, Decepticons bad. What would you expect out of a gang with “deceive” built into their name anyway? But in Shattered Glass, the miniseries released last year by IDW, everything is turned upside-down. The book took place in an alternate mirror universe where Optimus Prime was pure evil and Megatron was the one fighting for justice. And since it sold pretty well, we’re getting a sequel this year.
IDW has announced Transformers: Shattered Glass II for a late summer release. The second story picks up where the first story left off, with both sides at war over control of a Titan that could decide the fate of Cybertron. The same creative team behind the first one has returned for the sequel: writer Danny Lore, artists Daniel Khanna and Guido Guidi, and colorist John-Paul Bove.
“When we ended the first series, I was overjoyed at the fan reaction to our version of Shattered Glass,” says Lore. “It was a world full of...

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What does the Fox say?
Transformers? I watched all of the movies. I have even watched a few of them more than once. Who was favaorite character? Optimus Prime. Who else? Now O.P. is going to be the evil one. I don't like it! I don't like when my favorite character in my fictional fantasy worlds get turned upside down. Even in the Star Trek parallel universe, Mr. Spock in the good universe was still logical Mr. Spock in the bad universe! I am very resistant to change. LOL.

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