IDW Announces Transformers: Last Bot Standing

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Jun 20, 2012
Did you hear? IDW is losing the Transformers license. We don’t know the full details, but it doesn’t sound like it was their choice (they’re also losing GI Joe). They’ll be going out with a bang, though, as one of the most interesting ideas they’ve ever had, Transformers: Last Bot Standing, premieres this spring.
The premise of Last Bot Standing is that long after the war on Cybertron, a mysterious figure falls from space onto the planet Donnokt. He’s a shape-shifting robot, just like his peers, but on this world he’s the only one. And he’s also the only one who can save that world from destruction. We don’t know if he’s Autobot or Decepticon (Decepticon would be more interesting as a redemption story).
“The last remaining Cybertronian, stalked by the sins of their entire race, must save the world one final time,” says writer Nick Roche (who is also creating some of the artwork, like the cover below). “In a way, Last Bot Standing is a proper farewell, as our creative team bows out...

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