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Feeling a bit generous, Funimation has uploaded the full runs of three shows from the back end of its catalog to its YouTube channel. The uploads are temporary, but you have three whole months to view them. None of them are heavy hitters, but free is free.
The three shows are Ragnarok: The Animation (based on the MMORPG game), Burst Angel, and the infamous Witchblade anime adaption that is not canon with the comic (no matter what Image told you at the time). Fans of the Witchblade comic series hated it, anime fans hated it, and…well, there’s a reason Funi has to give it away. But those other two are entertaining enough…
A great evil sweeps across the realm, and the young swordsman Roan, along with his life-long companion Yufa, must face it head on! As the two friends travel toward their destiny, they are joined by an ever-growing cast of heroes. The path they travel is rife with monsters...

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