The Flashback Interview: Stacey Q

<p>My newest Pop Geeks interview subject, Stacey Q, is actually one of the very first talents I ever had the pleasure of interviewing. We were connected to each other by our mutual friend Shawn Winstian on MySpace in the late 00s, and I did an e-mail interview with her that was published on a short-lived website called Old School 4 Life. I was with that site during a brief period of time where I’d left my writing base, RetroJunk.</p>

Peter Paltridge

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Wow, prior to this, all I knew about Stacey was that she was a one-hit wonder (and that she was parodied in an issue of Archie 3000 as "Spacey Q")....but this has to be the nicest person you've ever interviewed! I don't think any of the others have been so open, honest, or willing to offer their true friendship. I didn't even like Two Of Hearts, but Stacey has a lot more respect from me now!


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I only know her for her song Two of hearts, which was overplayed in the radio when I was younger. Her music sounded like an 80s Kylie Minogue.


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LOL her song "2 of hearts" Probably gives nightmares for the Drag Queen Kylie Sonique Love because it got her eliminated at drag race.


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I think a comeback is still possible if she will utilize social media. Also she can try Sia's strategy of not showing up on music videos. It is all about marketing. She needs to find the right team.


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It's bloody bonzer to hear about Stacey Q's latest work, especially her collab with Jon on the SSQ album Jet Town Je T'Aime. Seems like it was a fair dinkum project for her, and she's chuffed as a dog with two tails about the songs she penned, like "Land of Snow" and "Two Weeks in Paris". People ought to give one hit wonders a go 'cause some of them made grouse music that got snubbed just 'cause they didn't get enough spruiking.


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I am too young to know who she is but she seemed like a nice person to be around base from the interview. She seem to value her friends and she lives her life with no regrets.

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