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  1. LaZerwolfX

    [SELLING] GoseiRed and GekiViolet Jackets!!

    SENTAI JACKETS FOR SALE! Hey guys so I'm in need of cash, so I am selling my sentai jackets. If you're interested please let me know! GoseiRed Jacket -$175 (Excellent Condition!) Size L (US Medium) GekiViolet Jacket -$150 (has a little bit of wear on the back see the pic provided) Size XL...
  2. LaZerwolfX

    LaZerwolfX Sentai Jacket(s)

    Hey guys so I recently got myself an OFFICIAL Size L (thats a medium for Westerners) Gosei Red Jacket. And despite it being in great condition, I also recently discovered that it is just slightly too narrow in the shoulders and chest for me. Thus, I am looking for a trade! I would prefer to...