The Flashback Interview: Deborah Jenssen

<p>Before I even knew the name of Deborah Jenssen, my next interview subject, I saw her dancing in music videos like Was (Not Was)’ Walk The Dinosaur and on episodes of Solid Gold I had acquired from a fan-to-fan DVD seller. Years later, I would discover Ms. Jenssen on Facebook, and I would find that she had transitioned from dancing to singing. With her many diverse talents, I knew she would have some fantastic stories to tell. We spoke last year, but today, you’ll all get to know her as I have.</p>


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It was an incredibly interesting read. I found Deborah Jenssen's dance background and influences to be very interesting. How much commitment and effort it takes to become a professional dancer is amazing. I'm motivated to work just as hard to pursue my own passions.

Deborah clearly loves music, and I can see myself losing myself in it just as she did. It's amazing to see how having a ballet background can help with other dance forms like jazz.


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Working on so many variety specials and live events with such iconic stars must have been incredible. The specials starring Barry Manilow, Olivia Newton-John, Goldie Hawn, and Liza Minnelli sound like a lot of fun to work on.Deborah's admission to the Boston Conservatory of Music is truly inspiring. It's incredible to see how hard work and talent can pay off so dramatically.
Deborah is a true artist who has dedicated her life to her craft, as evidenced by this interview. Her story is an inspiration to anyone interested in a career in the arts.


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How amazing that Deborah was able to switch from dancing to singing and discover her true calling. It's never too late to discover a new passion or investigate alternative career paths.It's interesting to learn about the various dance genres and how they each have their own specific functions. Deborah's first love may be ballet, but jazz dancing is obviously very important to her as well. I can only imagine how anxious and excited Deborah was to receive the Boston Conservatory's acceptance letter. Her ability to get a scholarship is a true testament to her talent and dedication.


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Deborah's experience on variety specials and live events sounds like a dream come true for any aspiring dancer. It must have been so exciting to work with such iconic stars and be a part of the entertainment industry.


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Deborah's story serves as a reminder that while following your passion requires dedication and sacrifice, it can also be extremely rewarding. It's inspiring to see how her love of dance and music has influenced her life and career.Deborah's life story and experiences in the entertainment industry were fascinating to read about. She has undoubtedly worked hard to achieve her goals and is a true talent.Deborah's impressive transition from dancing to singing demonstrates her versatility. It's inspiring to see how she's managed to pursue a variety of career paths.


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She clearly has a deep love and passion for the arts, as evidenced by this interview. Her journey serves as a reminder that pursuing your dreams requires commitment and hard work, but it can also be extremely rewarding.


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It's incredible to see Deborah's transition from dancing to singing, showcasing her many talents. It's inspiring to see how she's been able to branch out in her career.Deborah's recognition of the importance of ballet training in becoming a well-rounded dancer is admirable. It's clear that her ballet training has influenced her work in other dance styles.


Deborah Jenssen's journey as a professional dancer is truly inspiring, and her passion for music and dance is palpable. It's fascinating to learn about how different dance forms can influence and complement each other, and how years of training and dedication are necessary to excel in any field. Reading about her story is definitely a motivating reminder to pursue our own passions with similar dedication and hard work
Her experience on variety specials and live events must have been a whirlwind of excitement and hard work. It's amazing to see how much effort goes into putting on these productions.

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