Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Shinobi 46: "The End Shuriken Awakens!"

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Takaharu, please delete my browser history before your grandmother uses my laptop...

This week in the penultimate Shinobi: The last ninja falls, Kyuuemon puts on his ice cream armour, hologram narration and Yakumo, Nagi and Fuuka still find the time to tell us one last time how awesome Takaharu is!


- Tsumuji is on fire lol

- Oh wow, on the opening this time......Haoh ToQ-DaiOh?

- Wait, where did the last "Aka" came from? Yoshitaka used a normal sword lol

- cream armor indeed, lol

- That "YOU FOOL" joke kinda ruins the atmosphere, as funny as it is :sweat:

- A new red one controlled by a mook? And it was defeated easily? Never thought I would see that. Usually something like this will make quite a lot of trouble.

- Awesome narration from Yoshitaka.

- I just remembered something. The toy for Ultimate NinShuriken is not released yet, right? Feels like they want to promote its compatibility in this episode.

- The trailer for the crossover......that's one cramped cockpit lol

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