Sharivan and Shaider Next Generation announced!

Eh if it gets us a figuart of Gavan Bootleg out of it I'll be fine with it.
Anyway there was another page of scans along with this one, showing stuff like Kai and Estevan (it looks like his civilian name is on this page, can someone check?) back to back holding guns, as well as a look at Eleena and some guy I assume is the commander for the films.

Here's the second half of the scans, mainly focusing on Kai and some additional characters


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I hope these movies are better than the W V-Cinema spin-offs Sakamoto did...and better than the Gavan movie, even though the Gavan movie is a freakin' classic compared to those W movies.

What was wrong with W's V-Cinemas? They're certainly better than all of Den-O's spinoffs at any rate in regards to story relevance.

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What was wrong with W's V-Cinemas? They're certainly better than all of Den-O's spinoffs at any rate in regards to story relevance.

I never really liked Terui, and I think Minehiro Minamoto is too weak to center a whole story on -- which is probably why they decided to center the movie on that weak-ass supporting character who I didn't give a crap about. Also, I'm one of the few who never minded Akiko's bizarre-ass comedy in the series, but you know one way to make her unbearable? Give Yamamoto dramatic material. (An Akiko worried about a cheating Terui is a pain to watch.) The story's boringly predictable, too. It might fly as a two-parter in, like, the 30s of the series, but not as a special V-Cinema targeted to older fans.

But you want to talk about not caring about characters? Write a movie around Eternal. I don't like him or his cronies, so an entire movie that tries to retcon in some sob story to justify making a whole movie about them...please. I had avoided these two movies for so long because I already knew the idea of Accel and Eternal having their own adventures would suck, but I was really in need of scratching a W itch, so I gave them a shot and regretted it.

But what makes these movies really unbearable is Sakamoto's direction, especially in the Eternal movie -- he can't keep the camera still for even a split second. Like, fine, use the shaky cam to cover up what a mess your action scenes are, but ordinary and quiet scenes don't need to be SHAKE, SHAKE, ZOOM IN, SHAKE, ZOOM-OUT, SHAKE, SHAKE -- Sakamoto's like Rob Zombie with the DTs using a camera attached to a yo-yo, and he's the reason why I'm not letting myself get excited about these Sharivan and Shaider movies. Why couldn't Shojiro Nakazawa direct these movies? Gokaiger VS Gavan has come closest to matching the feel of the old Space Sheriff shows, and that movie was holding back because Gokaiger was always so scared of focusing on old characters.


I am still hoping that they will have also a little tribute to Hiroshi Tsuburaya in the Shaider movie. He's been a legend to tokusatsu just like Kenji Ohba and Hiroshi Watari
I had learned of Hiroshi tsuburaya's passing years ago but it hasn't really sunk into my consciousness until I've heard that there's going to be a Shaider Next Generation. That's when I started to feel the loss of a loved one, my childhood hero. Now all I can do is watch old episodes of Uuchi Keiji Shaider on Youtube and "Shaider Blue" just keeps on looping on my mp3. I miss him greatly! I really do hope that they would pay Hiroshi Tsuburaya a tribute, a one that he truly deserves. :)
It's been 13 years of his death ( times flew fast yeah), maybe it's about time to give credit to him, since he is mostly knew as Shaider.
Yey! I did it! Thanks @Toku Prime for your help :thumbs:


30 sec trailer


15 sec trailer

Enjoy watching!!!
they have released longer individual trailers


I cant tell if Hiroshi Watari will henshin but he has at least one action scene, he's aged well and with Kenji Oba they are awesome


Rip TSURUBAYA, Annie still looking good



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^ you're not the only one. judging by the recent 60 sec trailers, Sharivan is more of the serious by-the-book cop while Shaider is the laid-back cop.


Just saw Sharivan: Next Generation and it was pretty good and a way better cop movie than the crappy W Returns: Accel.

Just some random thoughts.

I liked the storyline between Kai and Seigi even if it was somewhat of a repeat between Geki and Toya, what with them being former friends turned enemies. Giving Estevan the Gavan Bootleg suit pretty much spoiled the twist though.

I always liked Riki Miura and he kicks ass here. While not the best, Ryoma Baba was still a decent villain. Always fun to see Koichiro Nishi and Sho Tomita.

I also liked the storyline between Kai and Den, you really get Kai's wanting to live up to the Sharivan name, and it makes for a great passing of the torch moment at the end when Den finally calls Kai Sharivan.

While it told its story well with its time, it's a shame the film is only an hour.

For anyone wondering, Hiroshi Watari does get a short henshin scene in the movie.
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I wonder if Shaider next generation will be much better...One more thing, more shirtless Akira Date to come :thumbs:


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I just saw Sharivan's movie last night as well and it was a vast improvement over Gavan Type G's movie, which I also enjoyed. I'm quite surprised that they actually showed blood here. no wonder they decided to make it a V-Cinema instead. anyways, can't wait for Shaider's movie. :anime: hopefully he has a different story from Gavan Type G and Sharivan.

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