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Scientists Claim Chat Program Beat a Test to Pass For Human

One of the main hurdles machines have to leap before they can successfully enslave humanity is being able to convincingly pretend they are one of us. Most science fiction assumes this will happen long after advanced robot bodies are available. The believability of an advanced humanoid robot that still acts weirdly inhuman is the basis of Arnold Schwarzenegger's career.

But what if artificial intelligence became good enough to fool humans much earlier? What about now?

That's what some claim...
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I really don't believe in zombies actually happening, despite what bath salts have done. But robots taking over and ruling and or kill humanity is something I do see happening. May not happen during my life time but I imagine in a generation or two it will happen.


@Demon_skeith Yea, especially how zombies have been disproven by science:

But the scary thing about a robot uprising is that it will be CAUSED by scientific progress instead. And seeing how humans are so reliant on technology and the internet nowadays, giving robots sentience is actually a very dangerous hill to climb.