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Who-dunnit? We-dunnit! Scientists Solve Megafauna Murder Mystery

Scientists have solved the mystery of why so many animals died off during and right after the last ice age. And I have to say, it's not looking very good for you, kid, I think we're going to take a trip downtown. I've gotta go, too, of course, because the perp turns out to be the whole damn human race.

Researchers were curious why numerous species of large mammals, known as megafauna, died out during the last 100,000 years when similar die-offs weren't found during other periods of climate...
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A giant sloth? That would have been a real sight to see. Actually, we all would like to see nearly all mega-fauna that we now see in museums. It is a shame that we were the unfortunate cause of their disappearance - even if it was for our own good.


I don't think this theory is right. Because if so, you would still find mega fauna in places left untouched by human civilization such as small islands and the amazon rain forests lost world-style.

But the fact that we have not found any despite all our modern technology in areas that have not been visited by humans makes this theory less credible. You can pay my lawyer fees through paypal. ;)