Sailor Moon: The Sentai of Light (WRITING PARTNER NEEDED)

Around 8 years or so ago, my friend Greg and I began working on a toku adaptation that was both a retelling of the 90's Sailor Moon anime, but possibly one of the most ambitious crossover teams created. We gave the subtitle of "The Sentai of Light" more of a catch all term for the combined fandoms involved. Last year, I decided to make a rewrite of our original scripts (if you're curious, we managed to make it from the Classic series all the way to Sailor Stars) although I've only written two scripts thus far. I'm not the best solo writer out there (or at least one that can make a steady stream of fics) so I'm hoping I can entice someone here to help write this project along with me. As a sample, I'll share two Google Doc links I have for this project.

Fandoms involved: Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Chrono Trigger, and Kamen Rider.

Please enjoy this as much as I've had fun writing the first two episodes


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Count me in on this one.

I have one that sort of picks up after MMPR Shattered Grid and the Sailor Scouts Ranger up due to the fact the grid is down so like Super Mega Force they use past Ranger modes to fight.
That would be cool to work that in as a sequel to Shattered Grid.

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