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Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Behind the scenes

Sailor Moon Eternal is already available in Netflix in multilingual dubs of your choice.
Sailor Moon Eternal movie picks up where Sailor Moon Crystal ended. This movie was almost a 4th Season of Sailor Moon Crystal but it ends up as a movie instead.
Netflix reveals a Behind scenes video of the Sailor Moon Eternal movie. The film is already available on the platform but Netflix wants to show fans how the magic happens.
We see frame-by-frame comparisons of the hand-drawn sketches to the colored finished product. Something I notice about the film is that it abandoned the CGI transformations of the Sailor Moon Crystal Anime. Toei Animation decided to go back to its old-school hand-drawn roots. The Artstyle is also closer to the 90s anime instead of the Sailor Moon Crystal Anime. Usagi’s rounder face is much more appealing than...
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