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Saban Moon started as an urban legend that people didn’t know existed.  There was an American Remake of Sailor Moon most of us didn’t know existed. Toonmakers presented the pilot they made to Fox Kids, which is a hybrid live-action-animation show. People thought it was a hoax, but it’s real.
Back in 1993, Saban tried to pitch making an American remake of Sailor Moon. The pilot didn’t get greenlit
Sailor Moon still became a hit in America after the Canadian company DiC released an English-dubbed version of the anime instead. People called this Failed American remake “Saban Moon”.  Saban is the company that turned Super Sentai into Power Rangers.
No one believed it was real when it was first talked about on the internet until a decade ago. A live audience of a convention decades ago got a chance to see the intro.
The majority of fans think that this pilot’s rejection was due to its poor...

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I didn't know there is an American remake and it looks awful. LOL Why Sailor Mercury is in a Wheelchair and a ginger? Why Sailor Mars have the same hairstyle as Mercury? It is so bad but I can't stop watching.

Somewhere in the multiverse, Saban Moon was approved to become a real series, but the American audience never get to see the Anime version.
I still can't believe today is here; in 2015, I desperately sought out Saban Moon video and came up empty. A few good points, in my opinion. The first person of color and the first person using a wheelchair to be a Sailor Senshi. These space gliders are pretty neat, too. That is what we mean when we talk about diversity.

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This is brilliant in every way. Imagine this finding after years of storage in the Library of Congress. What else is out there waiting to be discovered? Raven deserves phrase for her diligent work on this documentary. It's amazing in a true sense. Although I do not think highly of the remake, I was blown away by the documentary that led to its discovery.


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It never occurred to me that there was a complete episode. A decade ago, I saw a video of what looks like a pitch meeting, complete with clips and a guy who never stops laughing. After scrapping the material, it should have been burned. This deserves the rejection! Burn it with fire!

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If this got greenlit, It will take longer for Anime to be mainstream in the US because all Anime would have gotten Anime remake instead.


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If this Pilot got Picked up, Anime would have remind underground in the US much longer because Hollywood production will choose to remake Anime instead of dubbing and subtitling it in English. So I am glad this was not picked up. It was not as bad as I expected though.
The Pilot is very terribad but the documentary that leads to finding this lost media a glorious watch. No media should be lost media no matter good or bad because it is part of the cinematic history. Ray Mona should continue finding more Lost Media. She is a great detective when it comes to finding them. I am looking forward on what she will find next.

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Although this pilot screams early 1990s cheese and drag queen camp, I wonder how the show would have been if it had been picked up for a full season. What would the live-action scenes of Darian/Mamorou have looked like? If Artemis weren't a white cat, would she be a black one? What about the Outer-Sailor Scouts and Rini/Chibiusa? Even if this pilot wasn't great, I believe that as a kid I would have watched the entire TV series. Maybe someone needs to Greenlit this. We don't have any new Sailor moon content aside from the final movie coming this Christmas. After than No more Sailormoon again.


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This... This is utter crap. Sorry, but this is terrible. Even the DiC dub gave the characters some individuality. This was developed solely to market toys, no other purpose. I'm glad that was never broadcast on television.

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Oh my! , I mistakenly believed that this was more anime convention footage. However, isn't this it? This is the genuine Pilot! This pilot was a sailor moon bastardization. I understood why others were making jokes about it. In all honesty, it's not that horrible. It unquestionably represents its era. I probably would have seen it if it had been released and I had been alive at the time.
Considering how comically bad and cheaply made this is, it's truly surprising how much of the horrible, insane lore Naoko Takeuchi crammed into that first arc they were able to maintain.
Even though it wasn't done very successfully, at least an attempt was made. I am also surprised the people behind this epic failure became successful animators.


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Ray Mona realized her documentary is 4 hours long. So she decided to upload the Pilot alone for people who have no time to watch a 4 hour documentary.



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I heard the makers of this got scammed by the Korean animators, so the pilot ends up looking terrible. Ray Mona is actually named Raven Simone but uses a different name because she shares a name with the actress. She should make more documentaries about lost media. She even found the missing "Mean Girls" videogame.
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