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When Samantha Sawyer couldn’t get the support she desired to produce her idea for a cartoon series, she decided to make it herself. Now she’s crowdfunding the pilot for SALEM, and she’s almost at the goal — but to make it, she and her professional friends need your help.
SALEM stands for “Secret Archive Of Legends, Enchatments and Monsters,” but it’s also the name of the titular character, a pointy-eared nonbinary creature who isn’t sure of their origin. Salem lives in Hollow Watch with their legal guardian, the famous Boogeyman. Salem is a “Cryptid” — the scientific term for plants and animals not recognized or thought to be extinct.
Salem HAS to know where they came from, so they pack up an enchanted book full of knowledge about the enchanted world and set off. Along the way Salem gains new friends, including a wanna-be cryptid photographer named Oliver, and a psychic medium terrified of ghosts named Petra. It’s a lot to pack into eleven minutes, but that’s how long cartoon...
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