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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City promised fans this film will be faithful with the source material. The Resident Evil fans had endured a decade of awful unfateful films starring Milla Jovovich. The movies created a divided fanbase between fans of the games and people who never played the games. Trying to fit three games in one movie is going to be a chaotic mess. The Redfield siblings are already working together against the umbrella since the beginning. Claire doesn’t sport her iconic ponytail and characters and details that can be insulting to fans. Jill Valentine’s Resident evil 1 costume is not revealing, it is so easy to translate to live-action but they still manage to screw it up. She ends up looking like Rain Ocampo from the Paul W.S Anderson films.
I did like some moments like the appearance of Lisa Trevor from the Resident Evil 1 remake. The people behind...
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