Question about ToysNJoys

Hello there,

I have a question regarding the Online Shop ToysNJoys

Does anyone know how I can pay with PayPal during my checkout? The Checkout page kinda confuses me XD

P.S. I dont have a credit card so PP is my only option.

Thanks for helping me out :)


That should be enough of a warning sign to not use the site.

ToysNJoys has a highly negative reputation for miscommunication and misrepresentation of inventory. A vast majority of buyers who have tried to purchase from that site have lost money or never received items.


Plastic Addict
Crooks, theives, scam artists... oh, I have heard so many horror stories about Toys N Joys, you'd have a better chance of getting your toys by flushing coins down a toilet.


dude nerdisms thats what you are
don't use them they suck!!!!!! took two months for them to ship my item then another month for it to even get off the island! AVoid at all cost.

I will say this the first time I ordered it was a smooth fast transaction. Then the second time took forever. they didn't even respond to email. SUCKS!