Queen Charlotte, Queen Elizabeth II have an Ancestor with African Lineage

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Queen Charlotte is the Queen Consort in the history of England with African ancestry. The current British Monarchy are her descendants but all of them look Caucasian. Even if you are the most mono-racial looking person there is a chance you have 1 ancestor from another race. Martha Stewart who has Blond hair and Blue eyes is one of the descendants of Genghis Khan.
If you will have a DNA test, you could see some other ethnicity in your veins that you never expect. Queen Charlotte was a German Princess with lineage from the Moors. They are Muslims of African Descent who migrated to the Iberian Peninsula back in 711 AD.
After the success of Bridgerton, Netflix decided to make a Spin off based on a historical character from that show, Queen Charlotte. Before Squid...

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During the Civil War, Paintings of Queen Charlotte are used as propaganda so Slaves will join the confederate army.

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What I admire most about Charlotte in this scene is that she is completely oblivious to the fact that the man standing behind her is really stunning. The occasional glimpse back over her shoulder at him doesn't even stop her. Either she is incredibly focused on her goals, or she truly doesn't care about her appearance. Whichever it is, she has my utmost respect.
George and Charlotte's real-life love story was tragically beautiful, and this appears to capture that. Before he got sick, they were such beautiful equals and such genuinely good supporters of each other. They represent one of the few truly happy marriages in recorded history. Please have Bridgerton do them justice.


She was a perfect fit for the role of young Queen Charlotte. Her acting slays because of how similar her appearance and mannerisms are to those of the actual Golda Rosheuvel, because of the same similarities. This has piqued my interest in the prequel, and I can't wait to see what happens next. It's possible that India Amarteifio will be the next big thing.


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I didn't know England had a Black Queen. Her descendants only marries white people so that must be the reason why the current Monarchs became White. I know many White Americans had Native American and African lineage.


The slave trade happened before Queen Charlotte became monarch, right? If she were still living at slavery's heyday, I wonder how she'd feel.


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The fact that George speaks English as his first language prevents Charlotte from understanding him is based on historical fact. So this didn't happen because Charlotte cannot speak English when they met.


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The tension between you two is palpable. This appeals to me so much because they are both really genuine with one another. Too frequently, the confusion and humor that follow a "meet cute" drag on for far too long. Sometimes all I want to say is, "Why won't someone tell the other one what's happening, please!" I like how honest and open they are with each other. He pauses for a moment to see how she will react, but when she insists more, he says, "I'm not going to help you and this is who I am." You'll have a good time here. At least the writing is nice so far.


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I dont remember a Black British Queen being taught in school, this is nothing but Woke Agenda by the far left. There are no Black people in Europe during medieval era.


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Google paintings of Queen Charlotte, she looks like someone with Black Ancestry. It is not woke agenda. She is indeed biracial looking.



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Base from the paintings, she is either quarter black or Half black. The Caucasian Genes of the British royals are so strong that Prince Harry's babies with Megan Markle are born gingers.
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Megan and Queen Charlotte's genes are not strong enough againts Harry's Ginger genes. Both his kids are gingers and white presenting.
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Queen Charlotte's portraits made it obvious that she did have some African gene in her. The love show between Charlotte and George in the movie worth anticipating.
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