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Dreek Lass

I do not yet drive, and I d not have my provisional either, so I don't really have much experience with driving or the roads, except for what I have witnessed in my many years of being in the passenger seat whilst other people in my family have driven somewhere.

Sometimes, we will reach our destination, and we'll spot a parking space, and just as my mother or sister is maneuvering to pull into a spot, another car will pull into it quickly before we do, even though they knew that we were waiting for the space first.

Do you think that people should wait go and find another space if a driver is fixing to pull into a space, or is it perfectly ok to pull into a parking space that someone else is getting ready to pull into?


No, it's not OK. I think if you are preparing to park and someone steals your spot that is just disrespectful, I would not do it.


Active Member
No, as capa said it's not ok! I'd feel pretty upset if someone did that. That's a really rude and disrespectful thing to do. I've never done that, because my mom taught me since I was really young that doing that was totally wrong. I don't do that either because I'd never like someone doing that to me.