You’d Best Look At This Nintendo Power Archive Before You No Longer Can

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Before the Internet, there was only one way to find out the deep secrets and codes in your favorite video games….Nintendo’s own magazine, published from 1988 to 2012. Forming a complete Nintendo Power collection gets more expensive every year, but you can check it out for zero dollars today thanks to a recent upload to the Internet Archive. However…the appearance is only temporary. How do we know?
The complete run of Nintendo Power was already added to the Internet Archive once before, in 2016, and the appearance garnered news articles much like it’s doing now. A short time later, the library was taken down, due to a request from Nintendo themselves. Kotaku is crediting the uploader “Gumball” for the material, but the original source is from a site called Retromags…in other words this is the same batch of scans from six years...

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I use to buy this Magazine when I was younger but I stopped because I can simply search the internet for tips on gaming and some guide through and cheats for games. At least the old issues got immortalized online.


The death of gaming magazines makes me sad because I remained a subscriber until the bitter end. People do not want to buy magazine anymore because there is now a free digital copy online.


Still remember those Good old days and present-day gaming cannot match the satisfaction we used to get from playing games in that era.


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I use to hoard gaming Magazines as a kid but as I get older I lost interest because what they offer can easily be found online. It is sad that these magazines died though.

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