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Project W is the continuation of Behavior  Interactive collaboration with Capcom. It is going to be the extension of the Resident Evil Chapter.
Yes Nemesis is  the most iconic monster  of the Resident Evil franchise but Albert Wesker is the most Iconic Resident Evil Antagonist. For Sure Lady Dimitrescu is more popular these days but Albert Wesker is the only Resident Evil villain who appeared in more than one game.
Project W’s Killer is going to Albert Wesker!

Most Resident Evil villains dies on the game where they debuted but Albert Wesker  appeared in multiple games. That includes remakes and Crossover Games. Though Resident Evil is a Horror franchise, Wesker is more of  a Super Villain than a Horror villain.
Here he is teaming up with Marvel Super Villains in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Albert Wesker is a...

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Sensory Overload! Three Dead By Daylight News in one day! Wesker is not a scary looking character because he is a cool looking Super Villain but if you are a Civilian with no Weapon and he is chasing you, You will be scared.


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Wesker is such a sexy character, How am I supposed to run away if he is chasing me? Girls are thirsting on Trickster but Albert is a Tall drum of drink.


Ada Finally Waited!
Leon and Ada are finally together! My favorite ship can finally team up again! It should be a Meta that All Leon Players will follow Ada Players and Ada Players will not wait.


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Ada is more likely to be a Stealth character because she is a Spy. Rebecca will be healer type because she is a medic. I hope Ada can Sheva Alomar as Legendary Skin. Then Rebecca can have Sherry Birkin as Legendary Skin.


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I support the Idea of Alex being a Legendary for Albert. Both of them are Weskers. Brainwashed Jill Valentine should be a Wesker legendary too.


DC Douglas may have been still voicing him in this DLC but that guy decided to leak information from Resident Evil 4 remake. I like him as Wesker but he broke the rules. Now another actor will be voicing him.


Ada is DLC to promote Resident Evil 4 remake.
Rebecca is DLC because there is a rumored upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 3 starring her.

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