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We’ve all been there: You’ve got the urge to play your favorite tabletop roleplaying game. You want the thrill of telling a great story, tossing some dice, and making instant memories. The only problem: your gaming group’s on hiatus, or you’re travelling for a work trip, or – in today’s pandemic world of self-isolation – you’re not able to meet with friends. The only option before was to simply pine over our lost hobby and dream if the good ol’ days. But now, there’s hope: A light that shines at the end of this proverbial tunnel: The Radiance Adventure Engine.
Mike Howlett of Oddfish Games has created the ultimate ttrpg solution to the lonely-player’ blues: A gaming system that You can use by yourself for ANY game in ANY system. In the Radiance Adventure Engine, you are both the Player and the Game Master, and the story belongs completely to you and the system of your choice. Radiance is not a combat simulator; there’s no rules for any ttrpg outcomes. Instead, a series of Detail...

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I find it too good to be true to work for every table top game ever since each table top have different rules. People should just make friends so they have someone to play with.


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What a fantastic piece of product! Do you have any idea what I would have done in the 1990s, when I had to travel all the way to another town to visit a gaming store just to read through a bulletin board to pick a game, if I had something comparable to this? Even though I've had some awful situations in the past, I don't look back because I met some amazing players and gained a lot of knowledge. Despite the fact that you need other people to enjoy tabletop games, if the claims made about this gadget are true, I will be able to play them even when my friends aren't present. All of my pals are married, so we don't get to see one other as often.


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I find people to play Dnd with at Tinder! Yeah I have a different use for that app. The single player mode is cool since most people these days finds table top players weird because why play a game where you require to use your imagination when videogames exist. So the struggle to find a person to play with. My friends also outgrew dnd.


Radiance adventure Engine has the made gaming more simpler and hustle free that buddies can be able to play games of their choice with ease.


Is that like being retarded?
Playing a board game alone sounds ridicolous but what they are selling might work.


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I don't play games. I don't come from that generation. But my kids do play and I can really see the disappointment on their faces when they want to play an RPG but they don't have anyone to play with them. The Radiance Adventure Engine sounds like an answer to a game player's prayers. LOL. I have to admit that even though I don't play games, a single-player game with improv, story-placement, and word association … sounds like a lot of fun!

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