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Publisher Team17 and developer are working on a single-player dark fantasy strategy game called Gord. Today they revealed 16 minutes of gameplay in a new behind-the-scenes video, which can be viewed below.
What is a Gord anyway? It’s an old Slavic word for “settlement.” You control the fate of a Slavic tribe as they work to survive and establish a community in a harsh world full of monsters based on Slavic folklore. It’s dangerous outside of city walls, but you must explore the surrounding areas to gather items and resources. The inner walls of the Gord need your attention too, as each NPC has its own life and story, and if they’re not happy, battles could be harder to fight.

Dark Fantasy Strategy: Lead the people of the Tribe of the Dawn and venture deep into forbidden lands in a lore-rich, dark fantasy, real-time strategy campaign
Build and Survive: Grow your gord from humble settlement to formidable fortress while protecting your citizens from...

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Savory Cade

It has potential but they are bad at marketing it. Paying repetitive trolls on their comment section is not how you do it.


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This is going to be a fantastic Game. When the game actually comes out, I will be so excited to play it. My excitement of finally owning this is beyond control. A sincere and unwavering devotion to the system and insanity structures! I can't wait to hear what else you have planned!


Killer BBB's of Zone
Being made by ex-The Witcher developers has sparked my interest. I can't help but think of Diablo right now because of this.
As a game, it satisfies many of my tastes. It is something I am keeping an eye on right now. For sure, I've put it on Steam's wishlist.


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The design of the character is pretty boring. For a game made by ex-members of CDprojectRed, the character models are incredibly basic and ugly.

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This Game not only looks boring but their YouTube videos are flooded by repetitive bots that says the same sentences over again. The comment section looks like a political comment section about Russia,China and the Philippines with all those paid comments.