Mrs. Davis Is The Most Interesting Thing About 2023 So Far

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<p>Peacock released a teaser for their upcoming action comedy Mrs. Davis last week, but we never brought it to your attention because it was kind of weak and didn’t tell the full story. We were right to wait…a bigger, more expansive trailer was just released this afternoon, and it’s everything we were hoping for. Scope this out.</p>

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Betty Gilpin's portrayal of the nun in Mrs. Davis seems very impressive, and I'm excited about the idea of her saving the world by taking down the AI program. Also, the scene where they race motorcycles through the Randy's Donuts sign sounds like a memorable moment. As a fan of Gilpin's performance in GLOW, I'm thrilled to see her in a new show, especially after the cancellation of GLOW that still hurts me.


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Married women are allowed to be nuns if they are widowed and have no more responsibilities like if their children already graduated college and have jobs.


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This is like warrior nun but against A.I and the nun is older. I still don't understand what is going on at the trailer but I wanna watch.


The trailer is so confusing yet so Intriguing. Most trailers these days spoil the whole thing for you but this one is vague yet captures your attention. It looks very different from Beth Gilpin's past characters too.


It's interesting that Mrs. Davis from Peacock is debuting at a time when AI is permeating more and more aspects of our life. I'm interested to see how the program approaches it because it's undoubtedly a subject that needs to be examined.
Mrs. Davis's unique and creative plot, which combines elements of action, comedy, and even a quest for the Holy Grail, has impressed me. It sounds like a wild ride, and I can't wait to go on it.

This show's timing couldn't be better, as the world becomes increasingly reliant on AI technology. Mrs. Davis appears to be a cautionary tale, raising significant concerns about the future of technology and its impact on our lives.


This is wonderful to see Betty Gilpin in such an intriguing role as Mrs. Davis. Her previous performances have been fantastic, and I am confident she will bring the same level of energy and talent to this new show.


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Mrs. Davis has attracted my attention thanks to the show's trailer, and I'm curious to see how it handles the concept of AI software with evil intentions. It's a timely and important topic that will likely appeal to people all over the world.

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