Luck is Apple TV’s ambitious attempt to make a family-friendly animated film. It was developed by Skydance Animation, A studio composed of former employees of some big studios like Disney and Universal. Most shows from this platform are dark, so it is a refreshing change to see something wholesome.
This passion project is a collaboration of Pixar Disney Writer Kiel Murray with Kung-Fu Panda producers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Murray wrote the screenplay of Raya and the Last Dragon. Which stars Broadway star Eva Noblezada for the lead role.
The movie will focus on the central theme of Luck. In some cultures, a Black cat is an omen for bad Luck. On...

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I remember when I first watched the trailer. I had other ideas about how the film would turn out, but this new trailer tells a whole different tale. And when the cat commented on her bad luck, amazing. From a human perspective, we termed that individual a jinx.I had no idea that I needed a cat with an Irish accent in my life.


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The cat is to blame for everything. Simply give the girl a fresh charm for good luck and send her on her way. She overstayed her welcome there, and it was his fault. This film could have been finished in ten minutes.



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One thing confuses me. How could she lose the coin in that way if it provides luck in everything, as losing something in such way can only be the result of bad fortune. She could only lose possession of it if anything other than luck, like her own foolishness, happened.