Luck: The world’s unluckiest girl meets the world luckiest cat


Luck is Apple TV’s ambitious attempt to make a family-friendly animated film. It was developed by Skydance Animation, A studio composed of former employees of some big studios like Disney and Universal. Most shows from this platform are dark, so it is a refreshing change to see something wholesome.

This passion project is a collaboration of Pixar Disney Writer Kiel Murray with Kung-Fu Panda producers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Murray wrote the screenplay of Raya and the Last Dragon. Which stars Broadway star Eva Noblezada for the lead role.


The movie will focus on the central theme of Luck. In some cultures, a Black cat is an omen for bad Luck. On the other hand, for some cultures, these dark felines are harbingers of blessings.

Luck Official Trailer

Sam Greenfield ( Eva Noblezada) is born with lady luck, not on her side. She is accident-prone and highly clumsy. Sam is such a magnet of negativity that a series of unfortunate events is something Sam encounters daily. That bad luck will end when she sees a black cat left a golden coin with a clover symbol. This coin changes the course of her life when she finally has a series of good luck. One day she will accidentally flesh that lucky coin inside a toilet bowl. Losing that charm puts her back in her misery. One day she saw the exact black cat, and he could speak.

His name is Bob (Simon Pegg), and he came from the reality where all the luck and bad luck came from. She follows him inside a clover-shaped portal because she wants to have another lucky coin. Bob told her that she was not allowed to be in his world. There is a talking dragon (Jane Fonda) who says that a little bad luck can ruin the operation of this world. Sam could be the cause of a series of troubles but may also be the one to solve it. Luck is coming to Apple TV, plus his August 5!