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I managed to snag a DX IXA knuckle some time back, but the paint work was quite worn, so I decided to repaint it. Stripped the original paint and redid all the colors. I'm pretty happy with the colors and now want to seal the paint. I have a can of flat clear from Tamiya, but when I used it, the paint started to run and bleed.

Any idea why that happened? Any recommendations for ways to seal the paint?

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Well there's a lot of things we don't know about that might attribute to that. How well you stripped the paint, how old the can of flat coat was, how long you shook the can, ETC, ETC ETC.

From the photos I'm seeing, it does not look all that bad. I would suggest checking out hobbylink japan's youtube page. IT's mostly model kits, but they do some painting tutorials.


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What paints did you use, specifically? Tamiya has two kinds of spray paint: Polycarbonate (Any spray cans with PS- are polycarb sprays) and everything else. Polycarbonate is meant to be used on the Polycarb bodies of RC cars, so it actualy melts into the clear body and sticks--but it also melts other plastics.

Usually, if the paint below is not dry or if the spray paint is strong (like the Polycarb mentioned above), paint will run. Which does which depends on what you do and use. Let us know what kinds you use and we'll figure out the specifics.


I took a look and it is not the PS paint, thankfully. I used the can pictured below. I may have applied the clear coat too soon, probably less than a day before my previous paint layer. Thanks for the reply.