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Kaji Motomiya

Let's CureCast! - The Pretty Cure Podcast (In need of an experienced Podcast editor)

Hello. You may have seen me around the Toy section of HJU, or have read my Pretty Cure fanfic here in the Fanfiction section.

To celebrate the 10 years of Pretty Cure, I am hosting a Pretty Cure-oriented Podcast for any Pretty Cure fans. Here, we discuss the latest Pretty Cure episodes, TRY to dissect and discuss the series, listen to music, and so on and so forth.

There will be three groups of CureCasters. The first group is a 3-man group called "Futari wa CureCast!". The second group is a 4-man group called "DokiDoki! CureCast". And the last group is the "Yes! CureCast 5 GoGo!". Each group is headed by a "team leader" and regulars who will appear in every episode of the CureCast that features each group.

These are the segments each episode of The CureCase has to offer.

-We Are CureCast!: The introduction segment, where we introduce ourselves and say one random thing about ourselves. It's very short, won't take too long.
-Freshly Picked Talk: This segment is about reviewing and discussing past episodes of a currently airing series.
-Open My Heart Corner: This is a special segment showcasting members of the Pretty Cure community, in and outside of the LJ community, who have done something related to the Pretty Cure community. This includes fanfiction writing, fanart, fansubs, scanlations, etc.
-Free Splash: An intermission segment where the members just let loose and take whatever needed breaks before discussion begins again.
-Suites Time: A mini radio show showcasing some tracks of the Podcast by our resident DJ Fairy. It's an extension of Free Splash, followed by tea time and whatever sweets we can get our hand on (or sweet drinks, too).
-Ultra Happy Panel: This segment discusses topics often brought up about past series, including opinions of characters, debate about plots, etc.
-A message in the wind: Named after the character song by Mishou Mai (Splash Star), this segment, we'll read a few e-mails sent to us by you, the listeners. The e-mail can relate to anything Pretty Cure or CureCast related. It may even spawn a topic to talk about. I look forward for your e-mails! E-mail will go up as soon as it is made.

We will also have guests called "Character of the Day", where people outside of the CureCast members will get to join us.

I am looking for individuals willing to become guests. They will often appear in random casts or mainly the Splash Cast. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and send it to my inbox. I will then contact you with specific group details if you are accepted as a regular. I look forward to hearing from you!

[hide]1) How did you get into the Pretty Cure fandom? What lead you to follow the series and join the PCLJ group?

2) How long have you been a Pretty Cure fan? Or how caught up are you with the entire Pretty Cure series?

3) Name your most favorite series, then explain what your expectations for it were, what you found enjoyable about it, and list at least two and up to five instances where this series actually fell short to you.

4) Name your least favorite series, then explain what your expectations for it were, what you did not like about it, and list at least two and up to five things you enjoyed from it.

5) How do you express your love for the fandom? What have you contributed to the group? This can be in the form of fan creations, toy collecting, participating in sub-groups, etc.

6) How well do you work with others? Do you feel that you can feel comfortable with others when put into a discussion group, or are there instances when you feel awkward in these situations? (This will not affect your chances of joining the group.)[/hide]

Need the podcast on the go? Download these episodes and pop them into your MP3 player or phone!

Episode 1: The CureCast is Born! That’s Cast with an E!
Episode 2: Smile CureCast and the Adventures of Laughter, Feathers, and Explosions!
Episode 3: Freshly Gathered, Fresh CureCast! Featuring the Ideal Family Unit, Psychic Baby! In Stores Now!
Episode 4: DokiDoki CureCast, Not Quite Heart-Pounding!
Episode 5: Luminous! Shining Streams!
Episode 6: Moonlight Brawling Fortissimo!!
Episode 7 - We Forgot About Akene's Family
Episode 8 - It's Time For a Special Suites...Time!
Episoe - Men Pay Attention to Subs, not Fashion

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Kaji Motomiya

You've waited. You've applied. And you've been patient. After one month of recruiting, the first episode of the first Pretty Cure podcast was recorded. Now, the first episode of the first Pretty Cure podcast premiers!

Let me first say that I couldn't have started this project off without a crew that stood by me as we worked on every bit and piece that formulated this grand project. I want to start by thanking the following people:


These guys helped shape the podcast and will continue to shape it when it is their turn to lead their own team, like leader Cures. These guys are pure awesome.

And these guys who applied, some who actually made it in and had to bow out, but still have their support. They contributed in some way, and I'm proud to have received something from them from this.


Please join us every month for a new podcast from my wonderful cast and crew! And now, without further ado, the first episode of the CureCast!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVO3OulhmHU"]Let's CureCast! Episode 1: "The CureCast is born! That's Cure with an E!" - YouTube[/ame]

Freshly Picked: 9:38
Open my Heart: 54:29
Free Splash: 1:23:24
Suites Time: 1:38:22
Ultra Happy: 2:14:44

Join us as we discuss about cupcakes, Alice's wealth, the trials of subbing, tumblr talk and the LiveJournal exodus, crossovers that work and didn't work, and many more! Please note that Redkun and I made mistakes, especially because this was recorded BEFORE episode 5 of DokiDoki. This may happen a lot. Bear with us.

You can download our podcast from this link. I will make RARs of the podcast, which is split into several sections and sorted into its own album. Plop that into a media player like iTunes, and you can skip around from there.

Please subscribe and Like us at the following!

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Kaji Motomiya

lol I forgot to post this last week. My bad.

So we were a tad delayed due to some technical difficulties. But I have some great news.

First off, CureCom was gracious enough to host us on their website. From now on, besides YouTube, you can listen to our podcast on CureCom's website! There, you'll have a player with each section of the podcast listed as separate tracks for easy navigation. But that doesn't mean we are completely abandoning YouTube. Our new video manager, curegalaxy, is hard at work with making the videos for each episode! So expect a video on YouTube shortly.

Secondly, this episode features the next set of cast members I had recruited earlier in the year. Some of them you have seen around the board, others that had surfaced upon this project's birth. Remember that each group and cast are different than the last, so don't expect the same things every time.

Now, on to the episode!

Firstly, if you are familiar with the CureCom site, you may have noticed that there is a set of tabs on the top next to the banner. Our Podcast, labeled "Cure Cast", is there. Click it to get to our episodes. In fact, I will post it here, right now!

The Cure Cast Episode 02: Smile CureCast and the Adventure through Laughter, Feathers, and Explosions!

In today's cast, we have
suki_chan5930 (host)
ivanhobe (co-host)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgUdqp4sz-M"]Let's CureCast! Episode 2: "Smile CureCast and the Adventures of Laughter..." - YouTube[/ame]

Freshly Picked Talk: 5:32
Open My Heart: 24:21
Free Splash: 42:19
Suites Time: 56:27
Ultra Happy Panel: 1:08:47

Need the podcast on the go? Download these episodes and pop them into your MP3 player or phone!

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Kaji Motomiya

Now featuring our very first CureCast sub-group (not sub as in fansubs), Fresh CureCast! Now, I know what you're thinking. "Kamiya, why are you guys releasing an episode so soon after the last two episodes?" Well, mystery voice that I just came up with, the way the CureCast will be operating as of episode 3 is this: for six weeks, the CureCast will release an episode every two weeks. It'll be a sub-group, a second sub-group, and then a main group. Now, you might be wondering what a sub-group is. A sub-group was inspired by Podbean's horrendous file size limit. They contain Cast members from the main groups but jumbled around to randomize who's in it (though it won't be random once you've grown accustomed to us).

There are five sub-groups in total, ranging from 3 members to a full 6. Each sub-group will have two or three of the specific CureCast segments done in the main group, save for Free Splash and including Freshly Picked as a segment because keeping up with the latest series is what we do. The second or third segment will depend on the group. The sub-group Casts are smaller in time, and smaller in size. ranging from about an hour to an hour and a half.

This new system is implemented as of this episode, so expect another sub-group episode in two weeks.

Also, if you are still interested in applying as a guest, check out the sticky post in the top of the page. However, do know that this year's quota is full. Applications from now will be moved into Season 2 of the Cast.

Freshly Gathered, Fresh CureCast! Featuring the Ideal Family Unit, Psychic Baby! In Stores Now! (and on CureCom)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOP5VX5AiKQ"]Let's CureCast! Eps 3: "Freshly Gathered, Fresh CureCast! Featuring the Ideal Unit, Psychic Baby!" - YouTube[/ame]

In today's cast, we have

Freshly Picked Talk: 2:24
Ultra Happy Panel: 40:11

In today's episode, we feature the ideal family unit, the Psychic Baby! Every anime series has one, and you can too for a price of $19.99! Order now, and we'll offer a SECOND Psychic Baby free! That's a $40 value for only $19.99! If you don't like the Psychic Baby, you can keep it with your money back! Call now at 1-800-PSY-CHIC! That's 1-800-779-2442! (Please don't call this number...we all know this is a joke.) >insert rapidly speaking text about having to pay with shipping and handling< Next, We take a look back to some of the oldest Tokusatsu shows, Kikaider, and share our love for Cure Passion!

Speaking of Kikaider, if you are interested in purchasing the Kikaider series, you can do so at this website!

Need the podcast on the go? Download these episodes and pop them into your MP3 player or phone!

Episode 3: Freshly Gathered, Fresh CureCast! Featuring the Ideal Family Unit, Psychic Baby! In Stores Now!

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Kaji Motomiya

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGUjtgR50Lw"]Let's CureCast! Eps 4: The DokiDoki Curecast, Not Quite Heart-Pounding! - YouTube[/ame]

[The title change came late. That was mine and Ivan’s fault, don’t blame our renderer. She’s an excellent person. -Kamiyan]

Source for the art

Hello, everyone and welcome to the CureCast, your one Hub for entertainment, politics, global developments and Magical Girls. So put on your slippers, get some snacks (you will need them, believe me), relax and let us do all the work (and by ‘us’, I mean ‘our Editor’), this is The CureCast Episode 4: The Revenge of the Snacks.

As always, we would like to thank the folks at Curecom for hosting the Curecast and bringing us their heart-pounding Dokidoki Subs. I would also like to thank our editor for cranking up this episode in such a short notice, we really appreciate all his thankless job.

In today´s episode join our cast of sleep/food deprived people as they discuss the latest DokiDoki episodes, the cliché of magical crystals (in my Magical girl shows? *GASP*), contemplate the direct correlation between Capitalism and our spending sprees, take our sweet time rockin some tunes and learn a thing or two about gentlemanly warfare.

Meet the DokiDoki CureCast:
-Kamiya (temporary host)
-Pename Solen

Freshly Picked Talk: 02:05
Open My Heart Corner: 32:48
Free Splash: 49:05
Suites Time: 1:01:14
Ultra Happy Panel: 1:20:46

[While this was already mentioned, let me formally thank a member of the Pretty Cure community and the CureCast crew. We had technical difficulties with the original episode 4 and was forced to delay it for two more weeks. After recording, I, who normally edits these episodes, realized that I would be away for a good week in Aruba. Not knowing how reliable my internet would be and how often I would be away, I asked fellow member Redkun, a reliable member and Caster of our group, to edit the episode in my stead. He had gone far beyond my expectations, and words cannot express how deeply grateful I am for him to have gone this far for the group. Without him, this episode would not have been up on time. Without my wonderful Casters, this episode would not have gone up at all. If you guys are reading this, you all have my deepest thanks, and that I hold you guys in the highest regard, whether you are a CureCaster or a CastFairy. Thank you, so much. God bless you all, and I love you. -Kamiyan]

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Kaji Motomiya

(My bad. I forgot to post the episode here after the video was finished. -Kamiyan)


Hello everyone and welcome to the CureCast, your one source of mildly safe entertainment. After what should be considered a long sabbatical retirement, we have finally returned with the latest in Pretty Cure and any other thing we manage to cram into the episode. We are pros.

So you might be wondering, where have we been for the last month? I am tempted to say “planet earth” but I have my reserves about some members of our cast and that might not be entirely accurate. Anyways, we have actually been working on improving The Cure Cast experience; after episode 4 we realized that we made all we could with the Cast and we decided to reboot it in order to suit modern audiences, so welcome to the New Cure Cast, now with more Darkness and Edginess.

As always we would like to thank the folks at Curecom for hosting the Curecast and our audience for not bombarding us with unrelenting spam. We really appreciate it.

In today´s episode join our cast of mostly well groomed individuals as they review the latest Doki Doki episodes, discuss the possibilities of twin stream splashes, wonder about the most fashionable hairstyles and try to discern the difference between evil reflections and evil doppelgangers.

Before I forget, don't forget to check out these featured polls!
Daisuki Poll #2 (Heartcatch and Fresh)
Daisuki Poll #3 (Partially mentioned in the episode)
Daisuki Poll #4 (Suite, Smile, and Yes 5)
Daisuki Poll #5 (Futari wa)

Thank you to those who participated in this episode's Daisuki-related topics!

Meet the Cast:
-Kamiyan (host)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-z0mCq76-A"]Let's CureCast! Eps 5: Luminous! Shining Streams! - YouTube[/ame]

Freshly Picked Talk - 1:33
Open My Heart Corner - 49:40
Free Splash - 1:13:17
Suites Time - 1:25:28
Ultra Happy Panel - 1:48:08
message in the wind - 2:05:45
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Kaji Motomiya

Episode 6-9

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScD5gMmi10A"]Let's CureCast! Eps 6 - Moonlight Brawling Fortissimo!! - YouTube[/ame]

Hello everyone and welcome to The CureCast, your weekly/monthly/yearly/once every blue moon dose of unadulterated PreCure discussion. After a long and arduous battle against evil, technology, destiny and our forgotten past, we managed to assemble the ultimate socially awkward team: The HeartCatch CureCast!!!

As always, i would like to thank the folks at Curecom for hosting the Episode and using their magical programming wizardry to make the CureCast (and my petty demands) possible. Don´t you just love a recurring Joke?

In today´s episode join us as we discuss the latest DokiDoki episodes, marvel at the awesomeness of secondary mustache-wearing characters, fight like children over our toys and try to get over our collective crush on Cure Moonlight.

Today´s Cast:
-Leochan (host)

Freshly Picked: 2:43
Open My Heart: 34:19

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIHksxPKGIQ"]Let´s CureCast! Eps 7: We Forgot About Akane´s Family!!! - YouTube[/ame]

Hello everyone and welcome to the CureCast, the one podcast that if edible, would be part of a balanced breakfast. This time we feature the debut of the Splash Cast and our very first Special Guest, because what´s the point of having a podcast if you don´t invite complete strangers every now and then?

As always i would like to thank the folks at CureCom for hosting the CureCast and helping us out in spite of the fact that we refuse to help them with their subs. We are terrible people.

In today´s episode we ramble about the latest DokiDoki Episodes, have a serious and hopefully insightful talk about fandubbing, and finally we contemplate about the families of fictional characters, because we care.

Meet today´s Cast:
-Curekun as The Host
-Leochan as The Legs
-Mike (from Precurefandubz) as The Terrified Guest

Freshly Picked Talk: 01:53
Open My Heart Corner: 21:36
Ultra Happy Panel: 47:48

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNLxyblGclg"]Let's CureCast! Eps 8 - It's Time for Special Suites...Time! - YouTube[/ame]

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The CureCast, the one place in the whole internet where rational thinking and raving fanaticism co-exist pacifically. Or at least they do until someone starts getting the FEELS. This time, join the musical adventures of the CureCast in a very special episode that pretty much went exactly as planned, except for all the parts that didn't.

As always, I would like to thank the folks of Curecom for hosting the CureCast and reminding us the hazards of indoor fires. Or were those the Firemen? It was definitely one of those two.
In today's episode join our cast of totally-not-wailing Fanboys/Fangirls as they discuss the latest DokiDoki Episodes, have an impromptu discussion about all the toys I want, and put their degrees on Seiyuu Appreciation to good use.
Meet today´s Cast:
-Maya-Neko as The Host.
-Kamiyan as The Nose.
-Rose as The Heiress.
-WingZero as The Surrogate.
-Ivanhobe as The Phantom Stranger.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_579q4AfD2w"]Let's CureCast! Episode 9 - Men Pay Attention to Fansubs, not Fashion - YouTube[/ame]

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The CureCast, the only podcast recommended by 8 of every 10 Doctors (the last two were sued for malpractice and fled to Canada). This time, join the Fresh Splash 5 Cast as they rise from the ashes of Summer season and dive right into the winter. What did you say? What is this ‘Fall Season’ you speak off?

*Due to interference from the Elder Gods themselves, we have released a V2 of the episode. V3 is soon to follow**.
**Just Kidding

As always, I would like to thank to folks at CureCom for making the CureCast possible by taking our ineptitude and replacing it with their skill. They are like Wizards or something.

In todays episode join our Lovely (Force) Cast as they discuss the Latest* DokiDoki episodes, talk about fashion as only men and women of the wrong target demographic can, and share their War Stories of Fansubbing, all of this while reeling in the FEELS. All of them.
*Note: Time is a relative thing.

Meet the Cast:
-Leochan as the Host
-Curekun as the One that never was
-Double as The Meddling Brave
-GekiKnight as The Amazing (subbing) Hability
-PrecureJunkie as The Gandalf

Kaji Motomiya

We here over at the Cure Cast are working as hard as we possibly can to get all these episodes out to you in a timely fashion. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re lacking in man power and are looking for a little help.

That’s where YOU come in! We’re currently in search of an audio editor / mixer who would be willing to help us. If it so happens that you’re interested in helping us, all we ask is that you either PM us here, on our tumblr, or shoot us out an email at TheCureCast@gmail.com with three to five examples of your work.

Even if you’re not interested, please reblog this post! We’d really appreciate the help, no matter how little it is.

Thanks a bunch! We love you guys!


If you are wondering why we haven't been releasing episodes lately, this is why. Simply put, I am swamped down with work and school that I can't get anything done on time. I advocate in the group that school and work comes first, but as the primary editor, this just won't do. So I need someone to step in and give us a boost. If y'all be so kind, I'd deeply appreciate your work.

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