Hell Let Loose heightens realism with a brand new ballistics system & more, as the march to Carentan continues

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Jan 17, 2014
Team17 and Black Matter have today launched ‘Update #6’ for World War II first-person hardcore shooter, Hell Let Loose. The release sees the introduction of a completely reworked ballistics system that takes into account gravity and wind resistance, alongside the implementation of a new hit detection system, raising the game’s realism to a new level.
Hell Let Loose first launched onto Steam Early Access in June 2019, and has received regular content drops for players to enjoy since then. In addition to the new ballistics and hit detection systems, ‘Update #6’ also brings with it new content, including a new map (Hill 400) that’s playable in both Offensive and Warfare modes, new recon vehicles, and new commander abilities.
A key strategic position that saw Allied forces overcome entrenched Axis personnel (only for them to lose and then later reclaim it) Hell Let Loose’s interpretation of Hill 400 features two very distinct visual flavours for gamers to experience, a misty morning...

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