Japan faces 'extinction' in 1,000 years


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You do realize that you just said you hope the Power Rangers Time Force will "save" the Japanese from declining birth rates, right?:laugh:
Besides, none of us will live in the 31st century and based from what I've read before, Japan's birth rate is still low as of now.


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This is , overall, looking on the trends. If Japan faces an economic decline and it comes something like the Dark Ages, people will have far more kids in this climate. It also doesn't take into account if more than likely , in the event they become third world in the next few centuries, they will have more children.

It also neglects to mention if Chinese immigrants or Korean immigrants, both of which have a ton of children , would fill the gap and make the Yamato people a minority while the Ainu go extinct due to assimilation. Then again, Koreans have a ton of common ground genetics and lingual wise with the Japanese so it's not like it'd be a total loss.

Also, wouldn't it be the Timeranger?

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if Japan goes down...there will be no more of this...



So you guys want them to be more like USA & China...overpopulated. :sly:

Though I think that Japan needs more people, just not a whole, whole lot.

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