There are Japanese games where the gameplay and characters are changed when the game got released in the US. Then there are American games that also change the game to cater to the Japanese Audience. Games are going through changes once they made it to the western or Japanese market. The games need to go to alterations to cater to the taste of the locals. Japanese games had been westernized while Western games had been Japanized because Japan have a different culture.
Left 4 Dead
The cast of Left 4 Dead one is composed of Francis, Bill, Zoey, and Louis. Francis is a tattooed biker in his thirties. Bill is a Vietnam Veteran who longs for a new sense of purpose because he had been retired for a long time. Zoey is a college girl who loves watching horror films. Louis is the typical IT guy who works a white-collar job in the office.

In Left 4 Dead 2, We have Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle. Coach is a...

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Japan really like their schoolgirls. I felt so wrong they removed Coach and Rochelle because Black representation is rare in videogames.


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Obvious difference indeed but I understand that the characters have to be relatable to the audience. They make it palatable to the market, so to speak.


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Japan loves their Japanese teens and good looking white people. Half Nationalism and Half internalized racism.

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At least they are more inclusive with women. In the US, they just have a token female while in Japan they are equal numbers with the guys.