Is it just me, or is every song about sex?


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Like on the radio, I listen, and it seems like all the garbage they play on the radio in Dallas is nothing but sex. You got some S&M song, Katy Perry singing about having sex with a teenager or alien sex, then other artists singing about how they are "on the dance floor" "waitin to ****" and how its gonna get wild or some ****.

Doesnt it get tired after a while? Sex is fucking awesome but god damn. Do I really need to hear these artists scream about their horniness every minute I'm in the car? They need to masturbate and get it out of their system.

It just feels juvenile at times. Is there nothing better to sing about?


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No, almost every song is usually about sex..........especially back in the older days (60s, 70s, 80s, etc.)

It is only obvious now in this current era of music mostly because creativity is VERY LACKING with today's generation


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It's because creativity is lacking now. They either sing about sex, love, drugs, money, or even all of the above. I'm tired of it myself. This is why I appreciate rappers like Eminem who at least raps about his past and his recent struggles with drugs. Now that is someone to appreciate and support his music.


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You've never dissected the songs from the 90's yet haven't you? =P

Backstreet Boys - Get Down
B44 - Get Down
Soul Decision - Faded
TLC... Just about almost all their songs.
Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch.

Sex has been the message for over 2 decades...



[ame=""]YouTube - sailor-fuku[/ame]
(They played this song in Kiva.)
Please don’t make me take off my sailor uniform.
Not now. Be patient.
Please don’t make me take off my sailor uniform.
I don’t want to. I can’t. Not in a place like this.

Most girls, at any time,
receive second-hand sexual information.
It’s studied, like, everyday.

I know you want to
fool around much earlier compared to your friends.
It’s very intimidating
not to advance beyond a kiss.

I know you want to
fool around just like the weekly magazines.
But just giving it all up
is a waste. I won’t give it up.

[ame=""]YouTube - AKB48 - Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru (English Subs)[/ame]
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Honestly I haven't listened to the radio in years and years. I just have a playlist of porno sex sounds on my iphone so I can listen to it in my car :D


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....Wow..that's the song from Kiva! :O_O: Those nice innocent looking ladies were singing about sex?



A lot of rappers on the radio don't shut up about this. Lil Wayne probably being one of the biggest offenders for this thing. I can't count how many damn songs he's "written" that are about sex and his penis size. Ridiculous is what it is.


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I mean, I KNOW that a lot of songs are about sex. Its just that lately, with the **** I've had to listen to on the radio lately, it seems so contrived and blatant that I'm put off by it.

I mena, doesnt it just get old after a while? dont you get tired of the motivations being so vulgar? I dunno. =_=


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I'm currently trying to get all my mp3s and cds onto my ipod so I can just jam to that in my car. Cause the radio stations in dallas fucking suck balls.

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Not all, Revolution 9 was about the number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9,....


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Wow, i am surprised with the title of the thread, no one posted this video :p

[ame=""]YouTube - I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)[/ame]

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