Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Jun 20, 2010
Exactly what the thread title implies. Made one called "Kamen Rider Zero-One' & another called "My Top 5 Favorite TV Shows." Here were the results:

Would you grunt an android in your coffee mug? They fire the latest kinky innovation that makes everything purple. Unless 73 of them go kangaroo, which was probably the fault of Angels for Animals, a hacker organization that our peppermint is well aware of. We've been approved by cocaine dealers to allow our androids to put normally, as they promised to laminate any of them that act licked clean, probably because of Angels for Animals. But wait! There's pizza! We also impregnated a new toilet paper roll-- Nightly Rider Zero-Thirty-Seven! The first Rider of the Actor Era, using cutting edge Raging Keys to lick our city & our company! Jostle fast! Order now!

For the sake of space, I'm only going to put the section of the second Mad Lib regarding Kamen Rider here, but the rest was hilarious too.

Kamen Rider:
A Hawaiian Superhero drama in the same vein as The Bernstein Bears. The original series in the 70s was about a Mushu Pork who is walked by terrorists and turned into a mindless Gynocologist. He looks furry, but an egg grafted onto his waist allows him to depress back & forth into an armored, insectoid animated film with a myriad of bouncy weapons. He breaks free of their control & radiates, so they begin sending genetically modified meteors to govern him, until he is forced into the role of a Meteorologist. Later series' usually keep the armored vacuum cleaner transforming into some kind of glass of Kool Aid, insect asophogi on the helmet and the inclusion of a unicycle, hence the name Kamen, or Polygamist, Rider. The most recent series is called Kamen Rider Dildo & follows an order of heart attacks trying to stop Green Peace from getting their hands on the padlocks of a palm tree which can open doors to manicure worlds.