The Black Phone will make you not trust Strangers

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The Black Phone is a horror movie that will give dread and fear because the main character is a helpless 13-year-old boy. The events of this movie are entirely fictional, but there seem to be some influences from real-life serial killers. Ethan Hawke is no stranger to horror as he was the lead actor for Sinister, but he will be the villain this time around. His performance as the demon masked killer The Grabber is intimidatingly unsettling. The Grabber is someone you don’t want to be near children, and now we see the point of view of a child he kidnapped.
Scott Derrickson directs the Black Phone, The filmmaker behind Doctor Strange, The Exorcism of Emily Rose...

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You forgot to mention that the ghosts also give clues to his whereabouts to his sister's dreams

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