Hot Skull: A virus that can be passed Verbally spreads around the world and only a linguist can stop it

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Ian Burton

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Hot Skull is a science fiction limited series from Turkey and its coming to Netflix. I am aware that there is currently a greater interest than ever in Korean dramas. How quickly they tell their stories and how compelling the characters are draw viewers in. Additionally, Netflix rarely cancels Korean-produced shows.
I am delighted that all of the Korean Netflix originals that I watched got renewed for another season. However, Turkish TV  is something you should not sleep on. The episodes might be two hours long but they are addictive. Hot Skull will be the first Turkish science fiction program to be added to Netflix.  It is something new because they are mostly known for making romance themed and thriller shows.
Most people love to talk, Even during the Pandemic we are such social creatures that we find ways to communicate despite the mandatory social distancing. In Hot...

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Hot Skull already appears to have a great potential. It seems as though Netflix is upping the ante considerably. In this series, infectious diseases are therefore spread via sound. As a result, in some of the scenes, the text seems muddled. People who are ill describe feeling like they are in an intense heat. The premise is pretty disturbing on its own.


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I have watched some Turkish movies (I cannot remember the names though), however, I have never watched any Turkish show. Based on what I read about Hot Skull, I think this will be something worth watching.


I am yet to try any Turkish web series but the way you Introduced this, I would like to try it out as with these web series we can learn about their culture and that's what I always like to gain with these movies and shows.


Not so good for me. Looks we will now have flood of series how virus is transfered on 100 possible way and each symptoms will be different. Every thing will be based on covid - lockdown, isolation, vaccine. And I don't know how linguist can stop something what doctor should do.

The Zyborg

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I just finished it and it is an exhausting watch. Glad this is a mini series because I do not want another season of this.

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