HJU Radio #46 – The End of Gobusters & The Rise of Kyoryuger

Keith Justice

New Member
Hello everyone this is my first post on here and all I have to say is that I really enjoyed this podcast. Just hearing you guys talk about Toku and random stuff in general makes me have a smile on my face and laugh when something funny happens. It also makes me think about what I love more about Toku than American shows and how each one of you always make check out a certain show or website that I might like. Overall, great episode and keep up the good work :buttrock:

PS: Keith, I bought Ready Player One because of you and I haven't read it yet lol.

Welcome to the party, Shuffle! Looooved that book. He's not great at writing action sequences, but it its a helluva lot of fun.

Glad you enjoy. Next podcast comes out tonight! :DJsmile:

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