Hellena Taylor Will not reprise Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3!

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Hellena Taylor had been Bayonetta’s voice actress since the first game. She also voiced her in the crossover games where the tall leggy witch appeared. When an Anime Adaptation of the first game was made, She also voiced her in the English dub. She is now asking fans of the game to Boycott Bayonetta 3 because of the treatment she got. After voicing the character since 2009, She felt insulted that the offer she got for Bayonetta 3 is only $4000. That amount of money is too low for an established voice actress.
Hellena Taylor explained her side of the story on the following Twitter videos

Friends, Worldlings, Bayonutters. Hear ye!#PlatinumGames #Nintendo #Bayonetta...

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$4000 is an industry standard, She is just being a Diva. That payment might be too low for her but the publicity this game gives her will make her more than $4000. She is making a career suicide.

The Zyborg

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My loyalty is to the character and not the the voice actresses. Any woman who can pull off a flirty British accent can play Bayonetta. She is acting like some big star when most fans do not give a damn about voice actors.


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No Sympathies for her! I fought for Alyson Court when she got replaced on her job because she joins a Union. Capcom ghosted her and never told her Claire will comeback. In case of Hellena the role is offered to her again but she decided to ask for a raise. Her Publicity stunt backfired big time because everyone is buying Bayonetta 3.


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As much as I love this series. I do not think there is any other actress who can play Bayonetta so I will join the Boycott. Hellena deserves better.

Albert Whiskers

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Hellena have all the rights in the world to be angry and ask for a raise because Bayonetta as a franchise made Billions of dollars. Offering your star only $4000 can be insulting. She contributed on why the game is a success. She also feel insulted that she was asked to audition for the role again when she has been playing this character since 2009. I can understand her anger and pain.


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Bayonetta 3 is a Union game, and Jennifer Hale does not work on non-Union projects. Although Helena typically uses the term "buyout" to refer to her employment at NU, doing so is legal under Union contracts for video games.Many voice actors are left wondering if she was only scheduled to participate in two sessions before the budget was adjusted, or if the original estimate of four sessions for $4,000 was incorrect. The geographical position of Hellena is also significant. It's also possible that they'll utilize some sort of legal workaround to underpay her because of the fact that she's located in the United Kingdom. Probably they "quiet rejected" her because they wanted to "cast" a famous actress to increase sales. Based on her tweets, it's likely Jennifer had no idea what was going on when she was cast.


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I feel bad for her.
I can even sympathize with her desire and can see why she wanted more for herself. They ought to have paid her more, in my opinion. Unless the two of them had a hidden agreement that Hale's choice to accept the post shattered, calling Jennifer Hale's decision to accept a job a "betrayal" is a bit harsh. It is up to each individual to determine whether or not that amount is worth their time; if Hellena considered it wasn't, I agree with her point of view 100 percent, but if Jennifer thought it was?—an actress applied for a role they felt qualified for and was paid whatever rate they were paid. I completely concur with that viewpoint, too) and ended the conversation. I concur that she is undervalued, which is the main point of the argument. Her justifications make it more challenging to support her position.


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Only few people are likely to give up on a game they've been waiting almost ten years for just because one voice actor lost their job, even if it was the only one. People who wish to punish themselves because someone else offered them a bad deal irritate me. We don't have all the information regarding what happened, and we never will. You can identify with Helena while still choosing to buy the game. What about all the fantastic people who contributed to making that game? It's time to put an end to the cancel culture period! This game required a lot of work from the programmers and performers.


I had no idea that the release date was approaching so soon until this moment. Thanks to Helena's efforts, they are practically receiving free publicity. I would still agree to accept the responsibility if I were in her shoes. Then I should use Cameo or onlyfans to make money by capitalizing on my revived notoriety as a result of starring on this game.


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I was never going to forego my most anticipated game of the year just because the cast was changing. Characters in video games frequently have their voices modified. Capcom typically switches out the voice actors for the majority of Resident evil games with each new edition. Furthermore, the complete background of the incident is still unknown. It appears that they have decided to stop working with Taylor for whatever motive. That won't stop me from enjoying myself when I play the game. Hale has sounded excellent in all of the footage that has been made public up to this moment. To see this game on the 28th, I have really taken time off of work, and I cannot wait! Platinum Games and Nintendo is still a Business and there is nothing personal. She made this choice.


People claim that a boycott should be implemented because the developers have already been compensated, but video game development is similar to the creation of artwork, and I am confident that all of the diligent artists want you to play the game and enjoy their creations. As is the case with many other iconic characters, Bayonetta's character was created with a lot of teamwork. It's a really complicated situation that involves the character designer, the woman who created the mo cap dance motions, etc. Despite this, I do wish for Hellena's best outcome since I understand her perspective but fans will not cancel for her. The character she voiced is bigger than her.


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As awful as I feel for Hellena and as bad as the gaming industry is, I've been waiting too long to play this game to pass it up at this point. I wasted my adolescence yearning for this game, therefore I won't give it up for her.
She severely totally screwed up by urging people to boycott the game. She really destroyed any sympathy I had for her by effectively ensuring that she won't receive any significant jobs in the future. When supporters have been anticipating a game for so long, telling people to boycott it is wrong and puts some individuals in a difficult situation. Of course, the majority of people won't give a damn, but some people take matters like this very seriously. She would appear much better in this circumstance if she merely spoke out against the companies that underpay her and many others and demanded better treatment as a voice actor without mentioning anything about the boycott and told people to still enjoy the game despite all these things happening.


The English-language actor who played the lead role in Mob Psycho 100 had the same issue. He was recently let go for making a reasonable request for improved working conditions. I really don't enjoy it when well-known actors give new voices to their roles. The strongest feelings I had were when they replaced Jason with Roger. He has become the go-to Sonic voice in internet memes and is well recognized as the character. If I had to guess, I'd say that these Japanese firms don't give a hoot about the plight of voice actors. Absolutely anything if it means bringing in some more cash.


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As a union member, Taylor would be paid union rates. The union's collective bargaining agreement would guarantee her the salary that the union had negotiated for. We spent $4000 for a job that would have required 16-20 hours of labor. She had offers of $200-$250 per hour from different companies. She's being a spoiled diva.

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