The Menu is a horror movie that will make you Afraid of dining out. We are in an age where you can order Food from Uber eats, but some people still want to dine out. Molecular cuisine is a weird dining experience some restaurants are offering.
Some people are willing to pay for overpriced food because it’s a status symbol. Nothing screams more that you are rich than  wasting cash on gourmet dishes.  However, Most of the dishes they serve are not delicious at all.  Yet, some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for something nonsensical like this:

The screenwriter Seth Reiss May has got the idea after eating in Molecular Gastronomy restaurants that serve over-the-top artistic food with snobbish and pretentious ingredients. Reiss is known for his humorous, dark comedy style when he was still working for...

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Basically, a film based on what happens after the cameras are turned off in Chef Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. The Head Chef should have been Gordon Ramsey. That would have been a nightmare.🤣😂


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It shows promise. I'm hoping the movie lives up to the trailer. Despite his incredible TV shows, Mark Mylod is a fantastic director, but feature films haven't worked out for him. I'm hoping The Menu will be his breaking point. From the start, Master Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy are huge pluses. I don't get the popularity of expensive restaurants. I will never waste a dime on them.


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Ralph Fiennes looks terrifying and menacing; watching him for a few seconds gave me the chills. If Voldemort is the chef at a restaurant, I will flee immediately. I will run for my effin life!


I have a Theory, Margot is a Human and all of the Elites are monsters or aliens. That's why the chef told her she doesn't belong there.


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The only way I will pay high amount of money for an expensive restaurant, is if its an All you can eat buffet. The Bogie gourmet stuff is overrated. Rich people pay for them to brag their social standing. This film could be an allegory of that. Are chefs in this movie cannibals? It looks like they will try to hunt down the guests.


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This reminds me of the time I watched a food documentary. These people insisted that they grew only THE BEST fruit and vegetables. As I recall there was a mango and it costs $15,000. FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A MANGO??? Do people really pay that kind of money for food?? There is a molecular restaurant in the USA in New York. But of course! Everything is in New York! LOL.


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I got a nagging feeling that her boyfriend will be the twist villain. He was not panicking when everyone else are.
I always have fear of dining out because I don't know where the food came from and I don't know what happens in the kitchen behind close doors. This movie makes me want to cook my own food more.

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