He’s Expecting – A Netflix original about a Pregnant Cisgender man

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Madeline Everleigh

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He’s Expecting is a Netflix original based from a Manga titled Hiyama Kentarou no Ninshin.
Men who are pregnant do exist now, but they are born with a female sex. Some transmen take sperm from a donor to become pregnant, while others marry men. Because they are still biologically female, they have never lost their ability to carry children.
Cisgender men are still unable to get pregnant because  they have no female reproductive organs. There are no space in a Biological Male’s abdomen where  he can be with child.
What if someone Assigned Male at birth who identify as a Man is suddenly with child?
Now through this series, We can see the perspective of a Cisgender man if he gets pregnant. 
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Kentaro Hiyama(Takumi...

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The Asian Division of Netflix always came out with new stories! Hope I don't need to use VPN to watch this craziness.


AMAWEMEN Hear me roar!
This should happen to all male republican politicians! They keep trying to decide for women's bodies. They should now experience how it feels to decide for your body.


Arnold Schwarzenegger have a movie with a similar plot. He also got pregnant but his version is because of a science experiment.


Imagine a pregnant man giving birth in a place with no hospitals, and the only way the baby can come out is through surgery. Ouch!


Potato sitting on a couch
It could be an allegory to Single Dads? To show a man can be as nurturing and mother life as women?

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