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Dreek Lass

So I recently got TA V for my birthday, and I was really excited for the game, because of all of the stuff that I had seen from the game. The game just looked amazing to me, and the look and feel of the game was amazing. That was still the consensus after I Played it, but a lot of popular gaming companies gave GTA V 10/10, and after playing the game, I just didn't feel like the game was a 10/10 game.

The cheat system is really kind of annoying this year. Rockstar are actively trying to get you to cheat less, which is pretty annoying. If I want to cheat, then I should be able to sine I paid for the game lol.

Sometimes you are left quite long without a mission, and have to switch between characters and then wait for some kind of phone call to further progress the story. You can also watch TV and things like that and go to the cinemas in GTA V, but to actually sit down and watch the content is a little boring. There are only a few channels, and one of them is a kid's cartoon.

I am enjoying the game overall, but the game is not all that I thought it would be. Have you played it? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Micaela V

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I have played GTA V ever since it came out and I enjoy it a lot. An important piece of information though is that I have never played GTA at all or any other PS3 video game. I play the WiiU a lot and after I bought GTA V for my boyfriends birthday I just can't stop playing it. It's a new experience for me and the numerous amounts of things you can participate in are awesome! For example, I ran a triathlon in the game, I think that's pretty cool and makes sense that it's there to build stamina. I'm sorry but I don't think that's ever been done in a video game, but how should I know. I think it's witty, humerus, and also action packed fun. Riding around destroying cars, driving fast and plowing into whatever you want is fun!


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I agree. Gta V is amazing! Playing it opened up a new world of gaming for me. There aren't as many options as, say, a sandbox MMO. But the amount of interactive objects that there are in the game are great! The only dislike I would have to say that I have for the game is the way that my character's face becomes bruised and bloody with the illegal activity she takes part in. And as you can guess, this pretty much sucks because most of what Gta V consists of is illegal activity! Where is the fun in it otherwise?
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I haven't played it, been kind of tempted to though the online aspect don't interest me much as it quickly became full of hackers.

But if you watch the right youtube channel, they post some really funny online videos like the insider gamer channel.



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Since a lot of people were worried about this I can say that, from the areas of the game I’ve played, it seems fine. It also seems appropriate/realistic. By Franklin's places theres mostly small groups of 3-4 people hanging about around the sidewalks. When you drive there’s a decent number of cars. Nothing near the number of people crowding GTA 4 streets at times—but it shouldn’t be, NYC is one of the most populated cities in the world after all.

Haven’t gotten into the highrise city area of los santos yet but I imagine populations will rise accordingly, even if they don’t there’s plenty of people to screw around with, and it feels lifelike enough.

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