GTA V Pulled From Some Australian Shelves

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GTA V Pulled From Some Australian Shelves

As of this week, the Australian versions of Target and K-Mart have pulled all copies of Grand Theft Auto V from their store shelves. Why would such a thing happen? Well, the image above might give you an idea. On the left is Barbie, in the middle is a pig plush and on the right is GTA V.

GTA, as usual, is an over-the-top satire of organized crime in a corrupt cityscape. This version includes the option to play as a crazy psychopath named Trevor and there is a scene that forces the player to...
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Ok, I have to agree with the writer. Why DIDN'T they just put it in the video game section away from the kid's eyes? Was it a mistake and someone goofed up? To seriously pull out ALL the games is ridiculous. One of the sales that the store gets will get effected now, thanks to people that probably didn't do research on the game...again. You're not coerced into JUST killing women, people, it's a game where you could kill any and everyone, while telling a story.

My main shocker of this article, however, is the fact that Australia has been big on GTA more so than Saints Row, since that game wasn't allowed in their COUNTRY!