Funimation And Atsuko Team Up For Black History Month

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Jun 20, 2012
February is Black History Month, and in honor, Funimation and the clothing maker Atsuko have teamed up to collaborate on a series of designer T-shirts featuring designs from Black artists Mythallica and Hippypotter. The T-shirts are only available from the Atsuko website, and proceeds from their sale will be donated to charities selected by the artists, including Black Lives Matter and The Trevor Project.
Mythallica is the one who chose The Trevor Project, which uses its platform to spread and share resources for Black queer youth. “Being an advocate to the visibility of Black mental health and creating initiatives to make sure that they are being of assistance,” he said, “I truly believe that they are here to help.”
Mikhail Sebastian, aka Hippypotter, is an illustrator, animator...

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