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Farmer with a Shotgun is finally a playable character in a Dragon Ball game. He got announced as a New Survivor of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. This Game is similar to Dead by Daylight, where ordinary civilians must complete tasks they can escape through a time machine. If you think about it, Being in the DBZ universe can be horror in the eyes of a human civilian.
Most fans for sure would prefer to play as someone like Goku and Vegeta, but the concept of Civilians working together to escape the villains of the Dragon Ball Franchise is quite intriguing. Players can choose to play as a Survivor or a Hunter. One thing that differentiates this from Dead By Daylight is that you can use vehicles and weapons to defend yourself. You can have up to 6 teammates when you play as a survivor. The Raiders have the mission to kill the Survivors. He won’t have a teammate but he is too overpowered compared to the civilians...

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They should make a Crossover with Dead By Daylight. Bulma and Cell and Survivor and Killer for Dead by Daylight. Then Trapper and Dwight/Claudette for The breakers.
A Farmer with a Shotgun was what we got. This is hilarious, come on. You have to admit that this is amusing, even if you despise the game. At long last, the game's top character was revealed. The one and only Farmer!


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AT first thought this game will flop but the Farmer with a Shotgun changed everything. LOL how things change
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Wow, they went all out and developed a playable map of Super Buu's stomach? Nothing anyone says can change my mind about this game seeming like a labor of love. Despite negative feedback, I find the effort and dedication put into this to be inspiring.


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I'm hoping the next killer is Goku Black, who will be revealed soon. Given their shared past, Mai makes a good Survivor. I'm torn on whether or not I want Launch to be a Survivor. Consider the possibility that Toriyama forgot about this character.

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If this game doesn't do well, all we'll see are clones of Dragon Ball fighting games. Being unique may be a lot of fun. What we have here is a novel approach to the series. Do people just not appreciate novel concepts, because I don't get the backlash against this game.

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I think I want to play as Raider, Killing Survivors by myself will make me feel powerful. I am a killer main in Dead By Daylight too. I tried playing Survivor but I can't stand having incompetent team mates.


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Hope we are not limited to Villains who transforms. I like Android 18 and 17 so I want them as Raiders.


Please add more raiders! Dead By daylight is popular because it has a larger roster of killers.