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Welcome to the discussion thread for Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger, episode 31; "A Melody from the Sky".
(Show's title and episode title translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
This week: After a flying Minosaur entrances everyone in the city, including most of the Ryusoulgers, the unaffected Canalo, Oto, and an injured Koh have to locate a sky Kishiryu in order to combat their airborne foe all while Nada and the Druidon continue to hinder their efforts.

This thread was made with Toku Prime's permission. And remember, this is a SPOILER ZONE! If you are trying to avoid spoilers, this is not the place for you.
HOWEVER! This is not the place discuss future episodes nor next-episode previews. You may discuss previous episodes and related subjects, but stick to the episode at hand. Please be considerate of those who haven't watched ahead yet. Thank you.​


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If I said it before, then disregard it. Because THIS was Koh’s standard-issue badass showdown moment that all Reds eventually get these days. Wounded and unable to heal, but still powering through without hesitation! I gotta say, the production staff have really learned a thing or two from the Power Rangers choreography team. And since armor swapping is a thing, I’d like to see this new armor on either Gold or Blue.

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A cool battle scene (although I'm sure that much CGI will not be to everyone's taste). Arguably that's to be expected for a toy introduction episode, but nevertheless it's the most exciting the show's fights have been so far.

I think Koh's shirtless scene paled in comparison to Daigo/King's though.

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