Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 24: "Awakening Memories"

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Yeah, six-eyed, bright blue alien pirates are a thing now, mom.

This week: The dead walk, Bunglay stakes his claim to the role of secondary villain / red ranger rival for this series, and more ghosts are killed than an entire season of Kamen Rider.


- I find it kinda weird O-T translated "main dish" as "main course", but eh, okay.

- Hmm, Bunglay's Blood Game is reviving dead people to mess with them. Of course it is something not exactly that exciting to Genis, it's only exciting for Bunglay himself lol

- So Yamato got his whole "connection" thing from his mother.

- The way Bunglay materialize memories is interesting.

- I still don't get why Sentai does this (other than for toy promotion). There's no logical reason in making the bigger combined robot when two regular robots are clearly capable of finishing the monsters anyway. Would have been much better if toy promotion also has some thought put into it, as KR Gaim has shown.

- The animal in this episode's ending is an Old Wife. Why, because this episode features a mother who is already dead for some time? :sweat:

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