Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 44: "The Champion of Humanity"

Toku Prime

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Maybe if we look hard enough we'll see a Kyuranger?

This week: a clip show. Hey, it's only fair that the staff got to take a break for new year too! Also, look out for the inevitable Zyuoh Human ranger key at some point. :thumbs:

Dr Kain

A god damned clip show!!!! I turned it off the moment the rangers started talking about their battles to Mario. I'm also pissed that Mario really was just some oblivious dummy instead of something more. I was figuring he knew what was really going on, who the Zyumans really were, and that he was the kid that was believed to have died in Zyuworld. Nope, he's nothing special at all. :/

So the only other option is that Azald is the kid because why would they even put something like that into this show and have Not-Kaixa square off against him?

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