Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Final Episode: "Earth is Our Home"

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See you for the 'Zyuohger Returns' special, folks!

This week: Pocket dimensions, Naria's (brief) return, a helmetless roll call, Yamato summons one last episode-exclusive form, the link cube does not operate as expected, and a picnic in a playpark.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a couple of staff members from The Tokusatsu Network who briefly appear in the audience for Larry's history lecture.

Dr Kain

That Zyuohger finale was horrible. It was just one giant rushed mess of plot conveniences after another without any actual consequences or payoff that felt natural. God that suck!

Also, what was the point of having Naria come back just to be killed by Genis? That was a waste of time this episode didn't have.


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I actually enjoyed this series a lot more than Ninninger. Its one of my more positively praised Sentai shows since Go-Busters. The characters were much more tolerable and likable. The only character in this show that got on my nerves was Misao and his easily triggered mind. But it was apart from his character and despite not having an exact cure for his illness, the writers definitely toned his shtick down and by the end he was close to "normal" as Misao can get.

Ginis' twist of him actually being a collection of Amoebas glued together was interesting. I guess it has something to do with irony. He looked so big and scary but in reality he nothing more than a footsolider. Everybody feared him for being a big threat but he was just a weak guy that hated himself so he wanted to become something else. Like a little guy hiding in a big suit sorta thing.

The ending was weird though, if Zyuland and Japan Earth are now merged, will we see giant floating blocks and buildings for future Sentai shows? This is suppose to be canon with the Sentai timeline. I know other Sentai shows depicted humans and non-humans living together but this is taking things a bit too far.

I do appreciate the message they want to send though with Zyuman and Humans living together. Has some deeper meaning with different races living together but just because we have different cultures, it doesn't mean we cant co-exist and try to understand one's feelings.

A minor nitpick would be Sera/Leo rivalry episode about them fighting? It happened wayyyyy by in the earlier half of the show, but where was the resolution to that? Sera said that she would fight him someday in a honorable non-sexist way. Did the writers forget about it? Cause it actually could of lead to an interesting story arc.

Overall Zyuohger was a good show with characters that are much more likeable than those annoying asses from Kyoryugers - Ninningers. Next stop Kyuranger!
That was certainly not the direction I expected the ending to go, that's for sure.

Yeah, I echo a lot of Kain's sentiments. This last episode wasn't very good, which is a shame because this was the first Sentai since Gokaiger that I felt was better than "okay, I guess". Between Red getting YET ANOTHER form (which looked rather ugly thanks to that ridiculous muscle suit), to the rushed nature of the Zyuohgers losing their powers and then almost immediately getting them back, to Naria's pointless return which seemed to only elaborate that, yes, Ginis is in fact very evil, and so on. This desperately needed to be a two-parter because there was just way too much crammed into this episode.

Hopefully Zyuohger Returns will leave a better taste in my mouth than this ending did. It seems like this finale was written with the Returns special in mind (even though Junko Komura is not writing it).

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