Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 23: "Mega-Beast Hunter"

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Careful, you'll pop his muscles!

This week: Mega-Beast Hunter Bunglay (or Bang Rey, as it's apparently written on a monitor in the Deathgalien spaceship, though I haven't been able to spot it) drops in for a bite to eat, Misao gets excited about festival fireworks, Amu spells out a heartwarming message for the kiddies, and Naria's nunchucks are also guns.
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Pretty good episode. Definitely better than some of the recent episodes. They didn't focus so much on Misao's insecurities and Benglay was awesome.


- Him? Seems like Bungray initially wanted to see a certain someone from Earth. Or, based on recent spoiler, a certain someone who wasn't from Earth, but stayed on Earth during his time as a certain showy leader......

- If it wasn't because of Cruizer's random shooting destroyed his meal, Bungray might not have attacked.

- Backwards role call huh, I like it when Sentai has an episode where they do a unique role call.

- Thinking about it, there's something funny about a navy-themed monster battling against a pirate-lookalike monster.

- "one of those".....Bungray seems to be referencing a group of people, meaning it wasn't just the certain "him" he mentioned that he met. He might have met his team as well.

- Cute kids on the ending theme. The last one, the little girl on her own, seems to be doing the dance well compared to the boys.